space & arrows

space & arrows Try to unlock all 15 challenging games by finding hidden keys than play them in 3 levels of di..

Valentine Teddies

Valentine Teddies Enjoy this valentine day by playing this memory game with a cutest collection of teddies. I kno..

Hidden Alphabet Flower Ga..

Hidden Alphabet Flower Garden Find the letters hidden in de Gardens.

Vintage Items Memory 2

Vintage Items Memory 2 Play a beautiful memory puzzle game with a fantastic collection of Vintage items.

Mixed Words

Mixed Words Find the mixed words! Every word you found increases your time and score!

Sweet Home Hidden Objects

Sweet Home Hidden Objects Test your observation skill by locating the hidden objects in this sweet home. Locate all the h..

Sneaky’s Journey 8

Sneaky’s Journey 8 Sneaky's Journey 8 is a new adventure game created by Melting-Mindz games!  Sneaky is on a jou..