Egg climing

Egg climing Very interesting eggs on the hundred layers of the game, very good oh!

Back to Candyland 5: Choc..

Back to Candyland 5: Choco Mountain Return to the enchanting land of candy for a puzzling trip up the slopes of Choco Mountain.


Chess Chess is one of the most popular and entertaining games. Play againts computer and checkmate th..


popBubble In Bubble game, Your goal is to clear all the bubbles before they overflow the line. Use your m..


Adivinador This is a game that you make a question and the "gipsy" say you YES or NO. Es un juego que tu p..

Plus Minus

Plus Minus Choose another positive number of rows of numbers and negative numbers in columns of numbers. M..

All Fives Domino Solo

All Fives Domino Solo The goal of the game is to make the open ends of the layout add up to 5 (or a multiple of five ..


KeKaTa Play the most elegant word game yet on Flash. KeKaTa provide unique atmosphere that sure will e..

Stylish Hairdresser

Stylish Hairdresser Act as a stylish hairdresser from fashionable beauty salon in the new free hidden object and fi..

Build 2 Break: a bricks b..

Build 2 Break: a bricks breaking game A bricks breaking where you have to shoot the bricks to fill the gaps and form a complete row t..